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Your Backyard Getaway…

During the warmer months of the year it’s great to entertain outdoors when we have friends and family over for dinner or that special occasion. And why not enjoy more space, the fresh air and the sounds of nature?

With this in mind you might be planning to set up an outdoor kitchen or BBQ area. Not only should it be well-designed and functional, it needs to endure the elements all year round while at the same time being stylish and visually appealing. The materials you choose for your outdoor countertops will play a vital role. Your BBQ countertops, for example, will no doubt be exposed to a degree of heat and regularly be spattered with hot oil. Grease-covered utensils will be placed upon them. It’s the same for an exterior kitchen. Outdoor kitchen countertops will both be exposed to the elements and the rigors of food preparation and cooking.

Luxurious, Salt of the Earth Materials…

Granite and quartz are two of the best materials to use for outdoor countertops, and for good reason. These stones are modern and stylish. They have stood the test of time both in nature and as a fashionable work surface for any contemporary kitchen.

Quartz is one of the hardest substances found in nature, therefore making it very resistant to scratching. Being non-porous, using quartz for your outdoor countertops ensures a surface that won’t stain and requires virtually no maintenance. A crystalline stone, quart has an elegant symmetry and multi-faceted finish that will look stunning in your exterior kitchen. Your BBQ and outdoor kitchen countertops will look like they are made from polished gemstones.

With many different colors and shades to choose from, there is a quartz countertop to suit every style and taste. The look, design and texture of your outdoor entertainment area is limited only by your imagination.

Granite makes a more bold statement and looks fantastic as a BBQ countertop with its robust and less symmetrical patterns. This stone finish is equally at home in any kitchen, whether indoors or outdoors, and has been a favorite for many years due to its durability and resistance to staining and scratching. It’s tough, as well as attractive, and that’s what you need for any kitchen countertop. In fact, it’s so impervious to damage that you can even use the surface as a cutting board.

Choosing granite for your BBQ or outdoor kitchen countertop is an easy choice. With so many patterns and shades to select from, you will inevitably find something that suits your particular style and theme.

Custom Selections…

The process of cutting out pieces of granite or quartz for our projects always leaves behind remnant pieces that can be used for all manner of home installations. We can reuse these materials for your next project if there happens to be something that would fit perfectly for you!

Whether you select granite or quartz for your outdoor countertops, both stones can be cut with a variety of edge finishes to suit your taste – sharp and bold or smooth and sleek. The choice is yours.

We offer a variety of outdoor quartz and granite countertops that not only look great, but are made to last. Both stone finishes will stand the test of time with durability and stain resistance, and will remain the centerpiece of your outdoor entertainment area for many years to come.