About Our Fabrication Shop

We’re not going to bore you with a bunch of technical jargon here. Simply put, it’s a warehouse full of high tech gear that helps us to cut, polish and output the kitchen of your dreams. But if you’re a gear nerd, then you’ll want to know a little about our state of the art equipment.

Donatoni Jet 625 CNC

Donatoni Jet 625 CNC is made by a global leader in the manufacturing of technologically advanced bridge saw, it’s well known one of the best CNC around the world in stone industry.

FlexiJet 3D Templater

Flexijet 3D is a new and revolutionary CAD measurement machine made by German that provides a very simple measurement of simple, but complicated objects.

Omni Cubed Seamer

Omni Cubed Seamer is the key to completing a “seamless” installation. By far the best tool on the market for getting perfect seams and level panels

Alpha Air-830 Pneumatic Polisher

The best polisher just became Better! The Alpha Air polisher set a standard as the pneumatic polisher with a center water feed many years ago and changed how stone fabricators polish the edges of hard surfaces.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Fabricators….