Winnipeg Stonetops takes pride in its status as a close-knit team of Canadian-based kitchen countertop installers. Each team member is an integral piece of the puzzle that delivers top-quality, state-of-the-art kitchen countertops to the modern households of today. Our customers have experienced our superior quality services every step of the installation process…and we’d be happy to have you as one of our customers.


Since its inception, Winnipeg Stonetops has been committed to realizing and achieving the visions of all our valued customers. Every kitchen countertop has been imbued with individualized dedication and devotion from each and every kitchen consultant on our staff. All our kitchen countertop consultants – from the showroom staff to the in-home staff – bring their utmost passion to what they do. All of us believe in striving for nothing short of perfection when it comes to delivering your dream kitchen countertop, helping to bring out the kitchen of your dreams.


We’ve spared no expense in utilizing top-of-the-line facilities, superior quality materials, and a dedicated team of experts and professionals. It is because we strive for greatness that we at Winnipeg Stonetops can proudly offer top-notch Canadian kitchen countertops consulting and installation services.


All of our materials come industry recommended and guaranteed. We have researched and reached out for the finest stone materials in kitchen countertop surfaces. Whether you opt for quartz or granite for your kitchen countertop, you can the finest in all-natural materials, giving you the peace of mind in knowing you’ve installed a long-lasting, personalized, and sustainable kitchen countertop to bring superior quality design and performance to your kitchen for years to come.


Because we understand the value in working together to deliver exceptional, amazing results surpassing all your expectations, we at Winnipeg Stonetops are always looking for new collaborators and partnerships. Contact us for a free estimate if you’d like to learn more about what a Winnipeg Stonetops partnership can bring to your company.


If you’d like to learn more about the dedicated team behind Winnipeg Stonetops, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us so you can get to know the representative who will deliver the superior kitchen countertop you desire.


We look forward to bringing your kitchen countertop to life.